Magda Yoga Kundalini yoga and meditation

One of the many gifts of Kundalini yoga, but probably some of the most profound benefits is the ability of the practice to raise our consciousness so the voice of our soul becomes more audible than that of our mind.

In practical terms what does it mean? Here is an example:

When you find yourself in the midst of those life situations or interactions which would normally trigger you to loose balance – or let’s say it as it is; loose ‘’IT’’ completely; and spiral down into a storm of overwhelming emotions and reactivity… well one day, instead of reacting, the voice inside you which knows there is a better way wins and you remain steady through the storm.

Instead of reacting to your emotions, your hold the pose. You are able to sit it through and let the dust settle. You gain altitude and see the situation, see yourself from a bird’s eye view, watching the storm from high above. You are detached from the emotions twirling underneath you. You are no longer your emotions; you are no longer your mind. You reconnect with your true essence which is pure love. You are free from your own chains. You follow your heart and become ‘’the bigger person’’, opening your heart to others so they may remember that same place within themselves.

That is steadiness. And it is not an intellectual thing. You can’t rationalise your way into it. Steadiness is a biochemical event. It comes from building the strength of the nervous system to create a strong container for energy and consciousness to circulate, balancing the endocrine system to help your glands secrete optimally and therefore balance your emotions, mood, intuition and healthy system functioning and getting a command over your breath. Building on this strong foundation, and amongst many other benefits, Kundalini yoga also clears energetic blocks and works on the Chakras system and Ten Bodies to balance facets of our psyche and clear the path for the Kundalini energy, our unlimited source of wisdom and creativity to rise, steadily and safely.

The changes Kundalini yoga brings can be very fast, life changing yet subtle, loving and so freeing.

You get to access the true you. And it only gets better with time.

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