Seize the moments Magda Yoga

Growth, evolution, happens in the small moments. The moments of aligning through the heart.

Forget all expectations of being perfect all the time. We are human, and by nature we are perfectly imperfect. We will continue to give in to the fear and struggle at times. And that’s ok.

Instead, put all your energy behind those moments of clarity were your heart speaks louder. Where you choose to let go. You choose not to retaliate for the sake of being right but instead simply say ‘’I love you’’ or say nothing. Those moments when you realign with the sacred component of yourself and act from a place of compassion and understanding.

The choices you make during those brief moments have the power to transform every cell in your body and re-patterns your habitual responses.

Those moments are new doors opening to your soul, to your life purpose and your happiness. They are moments reconnecting you to a higher frequency of love, shifting your vibration.

And don’t worry if they are only occasional; the energy they bring is cumulative.

Become the observer, the witness of the moments where you make the choice to open your heart and mute your ego mind. The more consciousness you bring into those moments the more you will realise that they present themselves daily, and perhaps at every instant.

Those moments of reunion – of union with your higher frequency of love, union of your individual consciousness with the universal consciousness – that is yoga.

Experience the heart opening and balancing effects of Kundalini yoga so you may live in a state of presence and alertness. Practice yoga to seize the moments and raise your consciousness. Join one of my weekly classes or book a private session. Full details here.

With love,

Magda x