Magda Yoga Kundalini yoga

There are times when I slip into my daily occupations, and then I remember the current situation we are in. A pandemic which comes to sweep us out of our taken for granted day-to-day comfort. Every time I am reminded of the Coronavirus situation, I feel my body tingle with emotion, compassion and adrenaline from not being able to wrap my head around what is happening; how fast it all happened and the extent to which it affects us all.

It is so subtle and all encompassing that no nation can simply choose not to face it. We are all in it together. We have no choice but to get together. Together we must stand as it is the end of the world as we know it. It is the end of the world as we know it and we will be fine, if together we stand, each in the confinement of the 4 walls of our home, if we are so lucky as to have 4 walls to call home.

Can it be that by distancing ourselves physically we will be more connected than ever? In the midst of our sad human circumstances, can we activate the positive polarity of the age of transparency and technology? Confined, our souls long further for the human connection we may have only superficially engaged with, and not pursued fully before. Will this set back help us review our priorities? Can we weave new ways of being and thinking, through the world wide web?

This virus might be closing our frontiers but it is also breaking them, giving us a common ground to connect from the deepest centre of our humanity, from the calling of our soul.

How we leverage that will define the new world we create for ourselves. Online we all have a voice. Can we recognise that no one’s is more valuable than the other’s? Can it all be about sharing our resources to meet the needs of our communities; from sharing extra stashes of loo roll, helping the more vulnerable, providing services, or continue paying for day to day fees where you still can.

Why do I get an adrenaline rush when I am reminded of what our world is going through? My soul knows that we are on the cusp of something better; a new world where we have remembered our true essence, and the only thing that is real in this world: LOVE.

Love is who we are in the absence of fear. And our best remedy against fear at the moment, and always, is being of service.

It starts with choosing to be informed just enough to apply our respective governments’ safety and sanitary guidelines. Then, instead of dwelling into fear and dramatic scenarios, putting our energy in the service of our higher self and the service of others.

We each have a gift – a special gift that only we have. One of the most powerful ways we have to benefit society is to share that gift. For that we must learn how to create a space of neutrality within so we may access our inner compass; our intuition. Our intuition is the true voice of our soul which only steams from love, as opposed to the fear-based thoughts our mind tends to create, because our mind only knows to repeat the same patterns it has always learned. Patterns which for the most part have been learned from the projection of others, our family, society, onto us. Patterns which therefore create thoughts which are not ours. What is however ours, is the light and the song of our soul. If you are not in touch with it, which most of us aren’t most of the time, then the first step is to learn/remember how to access it.

We do that through meditation. Meditation is a shower for the subconscious. By clearing negative thoughts, unprocessed emotions, trauma from your subconscious, you clear a path for your soul to come forward. What you don’t clear out of your subconscious just piles up, making you more detached from your higher self, which may translate as being reactive, anxious, depressed, greedy, self-centred, stressed, lacking confidence or any other iteration of fear.

And yes, in some way, you can make anything into a moving meditation to bring you into a state of presence. But if you really want to get the benefits of meditation, actively practice a meditation technique.

Other modalities can also help access our inner centre. The way that works best for me to help sustain a state of awareness in the long term, is the combination of physical exercise and meditation. Any daily exercise which makes you sweat and move your body is beneficial. Kundalini yoga and meditation is my daily practice, alongside occasional other physical exercises. To me, Kundalini yoga just feels different from anything else. This is due to the precise and very varied movements and angles applied, combined with deep breathing techniques, meditation and mantra chanting which among other tools pressurise each gland to secrete optimally and work on aligning our mental, physical and energetic bodies to offer us a better, more joyful human experience. An experience of this life where we can see the bigger picture yet stay grounded in our lives on this earth and have fun with it.

This practice helps me grow into the person I am meant to be and my service is to share it as far and wide as I can.

Now is the time to stay centred and go deeper within. Improve ourselves in all the ways we may have been putting off for years. There is pressure applied on each of us and we have the power to turn this pressure into a diamond. We are being called to shine our inner light brighter than ever to help elevate the collective consciousness.

On this new moon, I visualise us all coming together, united from the core of our humanity so we may let solidarity, compassion and right action be the underlying loving thoughts of our individual and collective contribution.

May you all be in love and full health.

Magda x