The power of chanting mantra Magda Yoga

Chanting mantra is a powerful component of Kundalini yoga. The term mantra is derived from two Sanskrit words:

Manas, or mind, and Trai or ‘’to free from’’. So mantra in its most literal sense means ‘’to free from the mind’’.

A mantra consists of one or more syllables that create sound waves. Sound is a form of energy. So when we chant or resonate the mantra, we are creating a frequency to bring us to a certain state of being depending on the meaning of the mantra. The sounds/vibrations contained in mantras have positive meaning that stimulate energy to clear negativity from the mind.

We tune into the frequency of the mantra. It is an energetic current which has been created by all the people who have ever chanted this mantra, and we tag along that frequency. We tune ourselves into that vibration. When we repeat a mantra, the vibrations effect of the mantra are deeply embodied in the energy meridians of our body and our physical body. We saturate the body with sound bites to further clear out blockages and negativity.

That’s why it works. You don’t even have to know what a mantra means!

So chant or mumble along – add mantras to your healing toolbox. Don’t be shy, chanting is not singing, just move your lips and learn to love your own sound current.

With love,

Magda x