Maca Hot Chocolate

Energising winter warmer

By Magda | Nov 7, 2020

This MACA Hot (or cold) Chocolate is my go to if I need a “pick me up”, which not only gives me an instant energy boost without a slump, but is also delicious and packed with nutrients.

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Magda Yoga - Principles of our times

Principles of our times

By Magda | May 27, 2020

The Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age are five key principles to take us through the Aquarian age; this current age of the rise of consciousness and fall of patriarchy. The Age of Aquarius is an era of Experience – let’s make our experience the experience we wish to live in and not a reality created by someone else’s agenda.

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Seize the moments Magda Yoga

Seize the moments

By Magda | Apr 17, 2020

Growth, evolution, happens in the small moments. The moments of aligning through the heart.
Forget all expectations of being perfect all the time. We are human, and by nature we are perfectly imperfect. We will continue to give in to the fear and struggle at times. And that’s ok.
Instead, put all your energy behind those moments of clarity were your heart speaks louder.

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Magda Yoga Kundalini yoga and meditation

Steady through the storm

By Magda | Apr 16, 2020

One of the many gifts of Kundalini yoga, but probably some of the most profound benefits is the ability of the practice to raise our consciousness so the voice of our soul becomes more audible than that of our mind.

In practical terms what does it mean?

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Magda Yoga Kundalini yoga

The end of the world as we know it. Coronavirus reflections

By Magda | Mar 25, 2020

There are times when I slip into my daily occupations, and then I remember the current situation we are in. A pandemic which comes to sweep us out of our taken for granted day-to-day comfort. Every time I am reminded of the Coronavirus situation, I feel my body tingle with emotion, compassion and adrenaline from […]

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Kundalini Life Hack Magda Yoga

Quick pranayama life hack to shift your energy

By Magda | Mar 10, 2020

‘’If you are depressed, in a disturbed mental state, start breathing long and deep through the right nostril. In 3 minutes you will be a different person. If you are thinking something neurotic and notice that you’re breathing through your right nostril, start breathing through your left nostril instead. This will change your energy from […]

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The power of chanting mantra Magda Yoga

The power of chanting mantra

By Magda | Mar 10, 2020

When we repeat a mantra, the vibrations effect of the mantra are deeply embodied in the energy meridians of our body and our physical body. We saturate the body with sound bites to further clear out blockages and negativity.

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Ten Bodies illustration - Enlightened Bodies book

Finding more balance in life by understanding our human nature

By Magda | Nov 15, 2019

Learn about the Ten Bodies of Kundalini yoga to improve your well- being and find more balance in life.

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