About Me


I am a Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) certified Kundalini yoga teacher. I trained in Triyoga London with my teachers Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Gurushabd Singh Khalsa and Amanbir Singh. I constantly deepen my education of the practice of Kundalini yoga with immense gratitude towards the ever-unfolding gifts it brings me.

I am also a Pause Place Practitioner and certified Spiritual Coach, working with the strength of love, presence and connection to create a healing and therapeutic environment of unconditional support.


My Present

I am a mother, wife, seeker, traveller, runner, cyclist, holistic health adept and reader.

I am on the same journey as you; that of a spiritual being having a human experience.

I thrive to constantly grow my consciousness so I can embrace life's ebbs and flows with grace, gratitude and commitment.

I am on a spiritual path which has brought me great perspective upon life and what it means to live fully. My circumstances have taught me how to accept, trust, see, be, love and enjoy. I am committed to learning from every experience and encounter and have the deep belief that anyone can transform into the truest, and purest expression of themselves.

Spirituality for me is our true essence, and it does not require to isolate ourselves. In fact it is quite the opposite; it is the best tool I know to successfully live within this society and deeply connect with other human beings.

My belief is that we are all spiritual and we can use spirituality as a very tangible tool to navigate life as it is; without having to escape from it all, but rather just finding in it a deeper meaning, a purpose.

It wasn’t always that way…

My past

My previous career was in Marketing Management within a busy corporate environment. For many years, I lived what I considered a happy life, ‘’ticking the boxes’’, moving through the motions yet with an unconscious, underlying sense of emptiness and lack of deep human connection naturally resulting from my own lack of self authenticity. These concealed emotions soon manifested into several years of acute insomnia, followed by anxiety attacks, which unexpectedly set me on a quest to find deeper answers and opened up my spiritual path.

I now am deeply grateful for my insomnia and traumatic events for having redirected my trajectory in life.

What matters to me

Sharing the teachings of Kundalini yoga. It is a responsibility. I feel truly blessed to have been touched by Kundalini yoga.

YOU – your story, your journey, your aspirations. I have a passion for working with people, listening to their individual stories and helping them connect to their inner power, their inner wisdom.

Being the best version of myself I can possibly be at any moment. This also means loving the fact that I am human and flawed.

My teaching style

That will be for you to judge but I can say this: I teach Kundalini yoga as an experientially-based system which means my aim is to guide you to challenge yourself to go beyond the limits you have defined for yourself and use your body to get out of your mind (yes I want you to be out of your mind!). That for me is the beauty of the practice of Kundalini yoga and what hooked me in the first place. I will also wrap the experience in the softness and depth of music, mantra and meditation so your whole being may leave the class nurtured and serene.

I teach in English. I also speak fluent French and Spanish and basic Polish if it helps.

My wish...

…is for you to come out of my classes feeling empowered, renewed, calm and joyful.

I aim to be a presence you can safely let go around and dive deep into the life changing practice of Kundalini yoga.

I will deeply listen, get you out of your comfort zone just enough so you can learn how to flow, and surrender to the gifts life has to offer.

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